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This 10 acre property has been used as a burial ground since the mid 1800ís, and is a private cemetery with burial there by membership only. In addition to the marked/named graves, there are several grave sites marked only with a cross, and countless others marked only with a rock or nothing at all.   The oldest known marked grave belongs to 10 year old Louiza Eugenia Evans, born 1842, died October 18, 1852. We will never know for certain whom all is buried on this property as there were no written records kept.

Ironically, Harmon Crum II, who is the said namesake of the cemetery, never owned this property. He did, however, own the property around the cemetery.  Historical documents and land deeds dated in 1895 show that the 10 acre property was originally owned by the Florida Central and Peninsula Railroad Company. The property changed hands many times over the next several years and was finally deeded to the Trustees of Crum Cemetery on May 24, 1918 by John L. Carney and Walter Matthews, for a sum of $50.00.

Until recently, it was believed that Harmon Crum II was buried at the Homeland Cemetery in Polk County.  That grave is in fact Harmonís son, Harmon Crum IIIand is confirmed by the inscription and dates listed on the headstone.  Records found on FamilySearch.org shows that both Harmon and his wife Rhoda Jarrott Burnett Crum are in fact buried at Crum Cemetery.  This information corresponds to an Ocala Star Banner newspaper article dated February 28, 1954, and an unknown source dated March 17, 1990. 

Harmonís Great-Great-Great-Great Granddaughters, Donna and Mary McPherson confirmed that Harmon & Rhoda Crum are buried in Crum Cemetery.  On May 16th, 2009, they visited Crum Cemetery with some of our Trustees.  She pointed out the location of Harmon & Rhodaís graves and provided additional information on three of their babies, and two of Rhoda & John Tompkins babies that are buried there.  Headstones for Harmon & Rhoda Crum and all the babies are now placed in the cemetery and can be seen from the Grave Listing site.

A historical marker is now in place honoring Harmon Crum.  Updated information on the Crum family and some photos have been added to Harmonís web page.

According to local history, there was a small stone building located on the extreme south west corner of the property. This building was used as a school, a church and a safe house where people gathered to hide from warring Seminole Indians. All that remained of this building was a pile of rocks. These rocks have since been removed and some are now used to mark unmarked graves. However, there is no written documentation or record of this building.


Hwy 484 west from Belleview to SE 47 Ave and turn south/left. Follow to numerical on east/left hand side.

Hwy 42 west from Hwy 301 to SE 47 Ave and turn north/right and follow to the numerical on the east/right hand side.

For additional information or to become a member, please contact the:

Crum Cemetery Association
PO Box 223
Summerfield, FL 34492


Arthur White, President & Trustee

Harold MacDonald, Treasurer & Trustee

Ralph Dillon Hackett, Trustee

Nancy Hough, Trustee

Richard Hagan, Trustee

Mary Beth Parry, Trustee

Donna Hackett, Secretary, Trustee